Patrick Aloy

A network biology approach to novel therapeutic strategies

High-throughput interaction discovery initiatives are providing thousands of novel protein interactions which are unveiling many unexpected links between apparently unrelated biological processes. In particular, analyses of the first draft human interactomes highlight a strong association between protein network connectivity and disease. Indeed, recent exciting studies have exploited the information contained within protein networks to disclose some of the molecular mechanisms underlying complex pathological processes. These findings suggest that both protein-protein interactions and the networks themselves

could emerge as a new class of targetable entities, boosting the quest for novel therapeutic strategies. In this talk, I will summarize our work towards the characterization and modelling of the protein-interaction network underlying Alzheimer┬┤s disease and breast cancer, together with our most recent attempts to decipher complex cell networks to the point of being able to predict how the perturbation of a node might affect the system as a whole.
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