Jeff Hasty

Systems Biodynamics Laboratory, University of California San Diego, La Jolla (CA) US

The UCSD Biodynamics Laboratory focuses on the use of engineering methods in the theoretical design and experimental construction of synthetic gene regulatory networks. They operate the microscopy and microfludics cores of the BioCircuits Insitute, and are a charter member of the San Diego Center for Systems Biology.

In particular, The Biodynamics Laboratory (BDL) seeks to understand the network interactions that mediate gene regulation and cellular signaling. Since behavior arising from these complex interactions is

difficult to predict with qualitative reasoning, they employ experimentally validated computational modeling approaches. They design and construct de novo synthetic gene circuits, which provide a natural framework for reducing the complexity of gene regulatory networks. They use tools from physics and engineering to study such simplified systems and to dissect, analyze, and control the modular components that govern the dynamics of gene regulation and cellular signaling.
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