Novák´s talk highlights (Session 2)

Novak200Decission making is as fundamental for cells as for our everyday life. One mechanism that been shown to work in cellular decision making is to have a bistable switch.
Novák claims that all the cell cycle transitions in eucariots, at least in lower eucariots, are actually controlled by bistable switches. This is the case for Start G1/S, G2/M and mitotic exit transitions. The question of bistability also controlling these processes in higher eukariots is still unanswered, but Novák´s group is already working on it. These results are extremely important because the eukaryotic cell cycle is a very fundamental developmental process. In words of Béla Novák, “The cell has to time and orchestrate elements and processes in both space and time, and I am a 100% confident that these bystable switches are important for cellular decision-making, specially in development.”

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