De Polavieja´s talk highlights (Session 3)

Polavieja300Today De Polavieja tried to tell us today three stories: the first one was about the structure of the neuronal network system, and it started with a question: Can we predict neuroanatomy? Wiring economy, postulated by Ramón y Cajal more than 100 years ago, has been proved to determined spatial structure in C. elegans and in D. melanogaster, at least in part Drosophila´s brain.

The second story that De Polavieja told as today is the problem of detection of motion. How do networks detect the direction of motion?

The last part of the talk focused on decision-making in groups of animals. Using an animal tracking system De Polavieja and collaborators have shown that deciding in the presence of other decision-makers provokes a particular form of consensus and leader-follower relations in some species, like Zebra fish.


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